Hi, I’m Sachin Samson. Here’s my story so far:
My life as an artist began in Kochi Kerala, where I used to draw and paint with my father.

Right from a young age, I realized my biggest strengths were my creativity and ability to create art with the same. I joined a design college after my schooling and this experience helped me zone in on the discipline I wanted to get into - animation and visual art.

Through the process of animation, I was able to improve my sketching and storytelling narratives via art. Post my foray with animation, I started illustrating as it was a convenient medium for my passion for storytelling within a constricted time period. The past few years have seen me work on so many different projects in collaboration with various brands, hotels, galleries and private collectors that has helped me push boundaries and discover myself as a visual designer. 



Mural design & Execution

This piece is present inside “Rika,” an Asian-inspired restaurant at the Park Hyatt hotel in Hyderabad. The art-intervention into space is bought by the warrior-lover narrative. 


For this mural, I designed a 20 x 19 wall based on a tropical theme. The mural is made out of charcoal with unique textures handing the space an elegant look.

IMG_0317 copy.jpg

Mural, Street Art

Inspired by everyday life, this mural of a local fisherman is my representation of the common man. This piece started out as a simple sketch in my notebook and is just an ode to the locals. It’s part of a series called “Humans on walls”. 

Digital Art

I stayed inside the Nagarhole National Park forest and the inspiration for this canvas art
were the animals themselves.

Fine Art, Digital Art

This was a commissioned piece of art that I had created for a client. It represents Jesus ethereally descending from the clouds in Heaven.


A series of contemporary illustrations, these drawings are based on my persaonl narration - based on a parallel dimension and driven by symbolism.


Sketching is my release and the first stage to most of my art. It allows me to go wild with my
imagination and push boundaries with regard to my art.

Fine Art

Sculpting allowed me to recreate my 2-D characters in 3-D and explore a completely new art form. This funky robot is one of my sculpted pieces and the final result is really fascinating and unconventional.


I worked on a 20 x 12 ft metal model of the HAL Tejas Aircraft. It involved building a strong
armature model based on the prototype created using metal sheets.


In The Press

It feels great when my work is recognised as shown below. It motivates me to be better and gives me
the necessary confidence to stick to what I’m good at, no matter how hard it gets.

For those looking to get into art, you need to understand that it is a skill and you need to know how to
use it. It is not done when you’re done working on it. Art is only done when people view it and are able
to enjoy and relate to it at some point, otherwise it’s just for you! A lot of young students sketch so
beautifully but are shy to show it to someone out of fear of judgement or criticism. That aspect is so
important because these extra steps form the whole crux of the creative process.

Sometimes, without you knowing, your worst piece of art could get a lot of plaudits and appreciation
because someone can see a message delivered with more clarity. When you’re criticised, it is only from
a marketing/branding level because you’ll begin to recognise what people don’t see in your art and
this will help you work towards getting that message out. It creates a balance between your personal
and commissioned work and view your art from a different lens.